FAQ: What we look for

Hey you found this page! That was your first hurdle. Use the catch phrase "We Deviate" when you apply so we know you actually took the time to read this. 

Following and reading instructions is important in the lifestyle:  The majority of applications are declined for simply not following instructions. Not opening or submitting face pics. Incorrect screen names or email addresses on the application. Following instructions is essential for attending lifestyle events. Event details, group codes, proper etiquette for each venue, will keep you in the know and out of trouble. Above all we take the time to write it we appreciate you taking the time to read it.

Put your best foot forward: Show us your best, most couples biggest fear is are we not attractive enough. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder correct? What we want to see is that you care about your appearance. So show us your best when you apply. 

Have a complete profile: This helps us determine that your serious about the lifestyle, and becoming a member.

Referrals do not get you approved: It's not always who you know. We've had many applicants tell us they know this party host or that couple. "So we do not need to apply" Though it doesn't hurt to name drop. The bottom line is you still have to apply. There are no special privileges, everyone is equal. You will thank us later. 

Applications for membership are considered on a case by case basis, only about 20% of applicants get approved for membership. If approved we will notify you on the website your profile is listed on or via email. Please follow the guidelines we've laid out for approval.