Little Black Dress

Next Date April 8th 2017!

DV8 returns to Hyde Park for another amazing event!

We're bringing the meet & greet experience to a whole new level! 

Our newest hit, all private upscale venue!
An jaw dropping state of the art sound and lighting system!

Unlike other area lounge parties!
This venue is 100% Private, All Swingers, No Vanilla, Members Only! Dress as sexy as you dare! No prying eyes here!

We are bringing back our Amazing DJ and our Sexy DV8 Girls! 
The DV8 Girls will be serving it up in all night long at our fully stocked Cash bar,with sexy DV8 dare pong!

It's just Minutes from Newburgh, Poughkeepsie and Kingston!

No pressure, No RSVP, No Prepay and No Obligations!
Meet your Hot Date! Or have your Hot Date!
Tell 'em you DV8!

The Info:
Door donation, only $35 per couple! Single Ladies just $15
Couples and Single Ladies Welcome!
Sponsored Single Men Welcome (contact us before signing up)
Doors Open at 8pm - ???

features an Incredible Bar Menu, Fully stocked Cash Bar 
Proper Attire Required, you must dress to impress! 
Dress: Lets see that sexy little black dress. Don't be shy nothing is taboo, dress as sexy as you dare!
This venue is completely private with private entrance, No Vanilla and plenty of room to let loose.

The Rules:
Venue location information is available only to DV8 VIP & group members.
Single Males MUST be sponsored by a verified couple.
Security is tight to keep the sexy lifestylers in and the Vanilla out. 

For those needing hotel accommodations, we will post that information shortly.
In the mean time contact us if you need suggestions.

Please follow the these simple guidelines.
• If your partner is uncomfortable and would like to leave, please respectfully do so. 

• Do not be pushy. NO MEANS NO. Feel free to mingle with other couples and get to know each other, but respect couples you do not click with.
• Have a few drinks to loosen up but please! do not over do it. No one wants to mingle with an inebriated couple. 

• Leave the drugs home. Again, no one wants to play with a strung out couple. If you and your favorite couples want to cap off the night with a little 420 activities, be discreet and wait until you leave the venue. 

• Respect the establishment, we are all mature adults. Any damage to the venue property will result in being permanently banned from all future events, and you will be responsible for any damages. 
• NO CAMERAS. Please respect the privacy of our guests, by not bringing your camera into the nightclub. Camera phones must not be used inside the venue. 

• This is NOT an On-Premise venue. This is a meet & greet atmosphere. 
Though you do not have to worry about prying eyes, NYS Law does not permit sexual contact or nudity on premise. 

Location for this venue is private
Please RSVP for location information.
If you have any questions please use the RSVP link below.

SIGN UP ON SLS, SDC AND KASIDIE up on SDC;jsessionid=aaaeius40s1-8cS7OHQvv?method=viewparty&eventid=56657