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Deviate Network are members only events. You must be a member to attend Deviate Network Events. Apply for membership no less than 7 days prior to the event you wish to attend. We are typically backed up with membership requests in the days leading up to an event. 
We only allow guests to attend Deviate Network events who are vetted real and verified. 
Once you are a member you must abide by the guidelines below to keep your membership in good standing. Failure to follow event guidelines will result in having membership revoked without notice.


Invitations & Membership
Members on our guest list will be emailed a private party by invitation. You must be a Deviate Network VIP member on our guests list to gain admittance to an event or party. 
For privacy reasons, you must never disclose the location of our parties to non members. 
Should anyone arrive who is not a member on our guest list, they will be turned away at the door.
If you plan to invite friends - They'll need to apply for membership, and contact us. Sharing event details, location and confidential information is prohibited. 
Attendance & Cancellations
This event is for couples and unescorted females only. 
COUPLES: Your invitation is for a committed couple a male and a female. 
If for any reason the female is unable to attend, the male or female partner will NOT be permitted to attend and event alone. 
Couples may not bring a date or ticket to gain entry into an event. You must arrive with your committed partner.
Single Females: Your membership is for a single (one) female. You may not attend an event with a date or any non member.
You may attend with another couple or single female who are existing Deviate Network members.
AttendanceIf you are signed up and unable to attend an event and need to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours in advance. 
If you could not attend do to an emergency, please notify us within 36 hours after the event to keep your membership in good standing. 
Event Locations
Party locations are kept private. Once you are on our approved club member you will receive member information, event locations, as well as venue booking information. 
Most of our events have on premise accommodations. We suggest you book early if you would like a room for the event. We will have arrangements with the hotel to provide you with the best rates possible. Should you need offsite hotel accommodations, we will provide hotel information closest to the event.
Food & Beverages
We will provide great snacks and finger food to keep you going. Everyone will enjoy the cash bar.
Some of our events are listed as BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) At these events we will provide mixers, glassware, Ice Etc. We will also have plenty of coolers, should you want to keep your beverages cold.
Soda and Bottled water will also be available.  
What to expect
Deviate Events are designed to exceed your expectations of what a lifestyle event should be.  We create a friendly, no pressure atmosphere.  We also have a great line-up interactive games and ice breakers. We never cram you in and always leave plenty of time to mingle. We have an amazing line-up of DJ's and venues, in most cases, pre and legendary after parties.  Our goal is your goal for you to make new friends and have a night to remember! No Cliques! Check the event itinerary's for more information. 

We cannot stress enough to be discreet when entering our party locations. Our party areas are completely private. 
Please follow these simple guidelines.
• Be discreet. Keep in mind that some of our guests live in the areas in which our parties are held.
• If your partner is uncomfortable and would like to leave please respectfully do so.
• Do not be pushy, No means No. We strive to make our parties comfortable for everyone. So feel free to mingle with other couples and get to know each other, please respect couples you do not click with.
• Do not discuss our events with non members or outsiders. 
 Never harass members on our guests lists via email or message, please respect couples you do not click with before and after the event.
• Always report any inappropriate behavior to your host or security, we will keep you anonymous. 
• Have a few drinks to loosen up but please! do not over do it. No one wants to mingle with an inebriated couple.
• Leave the drugs home, again no one wants to play with a strung out couple. If you and your favorite couples want to cap off the night with a little 420 activities, please be discreet; wait until the party is over.
• Respect the establishment. We are all mature adults. Any damage to the club property will result in being permanently banned from all future parties and you will be responsible for damages.
• NO CAMERAS. Please respect the privacy of our guests by not bringing your camera into the event area. Camera phones must not be used during the event.
If your partner is uncomfortable and would like to leave please respectfully do so.
Dress Code
While we encourage you to dress to impress, be respectful of the public clientele until you reach the party area. (no saggy jeans, or "gym wear" allowed) Dress as you would for a casual night out. 
 If you are attending a theme party we encourage you to dress the theme. This will help make the party more enjoyable for everyone.
Late Arrivals
We would appreciate if being "fashionably late" did not extend one hour past the party start time.
If for some reason you will be arriving after that time, be courteous and let us know.
No Shows
Our venues expect a head count prior to the event. Our cost is contingent on the final head count. 
If for any reason you cannot attend an event after you've RSVP'D, you must cancel 24 hours before the event.  
No Shows will have membership revoked and must reapply for future events. 
A 25 re-application fee will apply, if your membership is reinstated. 
Room Cancellations:
Room cancellation policies will vary by location. Please read the hotel cancellation policy prior to booking your room.