It's been a well kept secret of what happened at the overlook hotel back in 1921 
We DARE you to explore the darkest corners of this once celebrated resort. 

Murder Mystery Backstory

In 1921, during Prohibition, the Overlook Hotel became a common gathering place for Aristocrats and their families.  Nestled in the shadows of the Hudson Valley, it was a prime location for the Hollywood Elite to host lavish parties ..  After the mysterious and unsolved death of Gypsy worker, Roma Skint, strange phenomenon would occur: lights would flicker, chairs would move, children's toys would appear out of nowhere.  Guests of the Overlook assumed it was gypsy tricks, until apparitions began to manifest in the darkest corridors; warning of death, despair and doom for all who had decided to hide the truth.  One by one, the privileged guests were faced with an eternity of damnation, that seemingly was passed down along their bloodlines.  Strange deaths, unsolved mysteries, controversy and crime.


Everyone has been assigned a ‘role’

Remain in your role starting at the pre-party, for the duration of the mystery

There will be clues throughout the Resort to help you

Like the game of CLUE, the winner will be the person who correctly answers;

WHAT was the weapon, WHO murdered Roma Skint and WHY?

In order to escape the stigma of being known as a Haunted Hotel, The Overlook changed its' name to the Hudson Valley Resort. The families of the original elite, must come together and solve the murder of Roma Skint, before the 100 year Anniversary.  It is now time to break the ties that bind, and expel the curse of 1921, before it's too late!.