Clue #1

Warrant - Felony

State of New York } ss

County of Ulster

The State of New York, to any Constable of the County, Greetings

Whereas,   J.R. Gideon, Pros. Attorney of Ulster County, hath this day given information, upon oath to me,             Judge Joseph Force Crator,             Supreme Court Justice of New York State within and for said County of Ulster, that on the    3rd    day of    June,   last past, as the County aforesaid, that one      Lucky Luciano and his accomplice Dutch Shultz feloniously, willfully, and deliberately, of his malice aforethought and commit illegal bootlegging and distribution activities

These are therefore to command you forewith to apprehend the said      Lucky Luciano and Dutch Shultz      and bring them before me to answer the premises and further to be dealt with under the penalty of law.  

Given under my hand at the County of Ulster, aforesaid this      4th     of    June   1920

                                                                                         Judge Joseph Force Crator                   

Justice of the peace